Planetary defense mission promoted by advocates ahead of ESA ministerial

After three years of Earth Asteroid mission failure, planetary defense advocated want come back to the field by asking the government of Europe to fund their next mission in over to win approval. On November 15 at a press conference held in Berlin, the supports of the Hera mission stated that approximately 1200 scientists and other groups signed a letter asking funds from European Space Agency. The letters signed during a meeting with ministers later this month in Spain. As currently designed, Hera will lance in October 2024 and reach…

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Aggressive action on space debris called for by ESA Director-General

On November 19, Jan Woerner who is a European Space Agency Director-General said at the space Tech Expo that instead of waiting for global consensus on new regulations in preventing space debris, space agencies and firms are taking fast action. He added that each one of them needed to act fast, instead of waiting for the regulations to guide them in doing their job. On a specific citation, Woerner was concerned about the mega-constellations and the effect they will bring about on space debris. The federal communications commission of the…

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