Australia and New Zealand HVAC Market Business Market Updates Uncategorized 

Australia and New Zealand HVAC Market is Projected to Attain a Size of $3.2 Billion by 2024, Progressing at a CAGR of 5.7%

The Australia and New Zealand HVAC market attained a $2.3 billion value in 2018 and is predicted to witness a 5.7% CAGR during the forecast period (2019–2024). The market is experiencing growth due to the stringent government regulations and rising number of commercial and residential projects. Request Sample Copy of Report :: HVAC systems are deployed for heating or cooling commercial, industrial, and residential buildings and removing internal airborne contaminants, such as volatile organic compounds, odors emitted from interior furnishings, and various cleaning chemicals, from rooms by delivering fresh outside air. The…

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Image Sensors Market Business General News Market Updates Uncategorized 

Image Sensors Market Research Report Explain – How large is the Global market?

With the rising demand for dual-camera mobile phones for better image quality and growing image sensor usage in biometric applications, the image sensors market is witnessing significant growth. In 2017, the market generated a revenue of $15,934.8 million, and it is predicted to progress at a CAGR of 6.2% during the forecast period (2018–2023). Request Sample Copy of Report :: Image sensor is an electronic piece that senses light waves and transforms them into digital signals to deliver information. It works on the conversion principal of variable attenuation of light waves into…

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Outdoor Lighting Market Uncategorized 

Outdoor Lighting Market Estimated To Boost Growth In Demand: Global Forecast 2018 – 2023

The growth of the outdoor lighting market is being driven by increasing adoption of low-cost and energy-efficient lighting systems and government impetus toward energy conservation. Request Sample Copy of Report :: Light-emitting diode (LED) lights, high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, plasma lamps, and fluorescent lights are the various categories when the outdoor lighting market is segmented by lighting type. Among these, HID lamps led the market in 2017 with 58.0% share, owing to its high luminous efficacy and long life. Valued in 2017 at $8,740.0 million by P&S Intelligence, the domain is expected to…

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Sodium-Sulphate-Market Business 

Sodium Sulphate Market: Report Highlights The Competitive Scenario With Impact Of Drivers And Challenges

From 12,336.5 kilotons in 2018, the global sodium sulphate market is predicted to reach 15,400.0 kilotons by 2024, exhibiting a 3.3% CAGR during the forecast period (2019­­­­–2024). The major drivers of the market are the rising use of this salt as a raw material in the manufacturing of numerous products, such as glass, soaps and detergents, textile chemicals, and in the Kraft process of paper pulping. Get the Sample Copy of this Report  @ Based on type, the bifurcations of the sodium sulphate market are natural and synthetic. The…

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India-industrial-Aerosol-Market Business 

India Industrial Aerosol Market Growth Opportunities by Regions, Type and Application; Trends Forecast

By 2024, the Indian industrial aerosol market is predicted to be valued at $761.6 million, progressing at a 3.9% CAGR during 201­9­–2024. Based on application, the market was dominated by the paints category, which held a 41.3% sales volume share, in 2018. During the forecast period, the sales volume of aerosol-based paints in the country would grow at a 5.4% CAGR, to 36.3 million units. Get the Sample Copy of this Report @ The growth of the automotive aftermarket of India is forecast to drive the demand for paints,…

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Business Market Updates 

Well Cementing Services Market Analysis, Growth Opportunities and Recent Trends by Leading Manufacturers & Regions

According to P&S Intelligence, the well cementing market is predicted to attain a size of $10,065.4 million by 2024, advancing at a CAGR of 4.7% during the forecast period (2019–2024). This is attributed to the rising exploration and production (E&P) in both unconventional and conventional oil and gas reserves, which is itself driven by the increasing demand for energy products, such as fuel oil, heating oil, gasoline, gas oil, aviation turbine fuel, piped natural gas, liquified petroleum gas, and compressed natural gas. Get free report sample at: The well cementing…

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Population Health Management Market Business 

Population Health Management Market is Projected to Witness Remarkable Growth in the Forecast Period

The growing geriatric population, prevalence of chronic diseases, investments, and healthcare expenditure are the key drivers for the population health management market. Advancing at a 23.3% CAGR during the forecast period (2016–2022), the market is projected to garner more than $48.1 billion in 2022, compared to $13.6 billion in 2016. The collection of patient data via multiple health information technology resources to be compiled into one single record is termed as population health management (PHM). It is used to identify the diseased population, care gaps, and risks, as well as…

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General News Market Updates 

Expanding Tourism Industry Pushing the Saudi Arabia facility management market ahead

The Saudi Arabia facility management market generated $29,563.2 million in revenue in 2018, and it is expected to grow to $51,616.2 million in 2024, advancing at a CAGR of 9.7% during forecast period (2019–2024). The factors driving the progress of the market are the expanding tourism industry and increasing application of facility management in residential construction, infrastructure, industrial projects, and commercial buildings. Facility management services back the core operations of a specific company, which include property, security, catering, and cleaning. Get a free sample copy of market report at:…

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Cyber Insurance Market Predicted to Witness 20.0% CAGR During 2017–2023

The total valuation of the global cyber insurance market stood at $3.41 billion in 2016, and it is projected to grow at a 20.0% CAGR during the forecast period (2017–2023). On the basis of service, the market is categorized into insurance, claim service, and risk consulting. Among these, the claim service category was the fastest growing during the historical period (2013–2016), due to the rising threat to digital capital and a risk of business failure because of cyber-attacks. Furthermore, risk consulting is predicted to grow significantly during the forecast period,…

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China Vacuum Pump Market Business General News Market Updates Uncategorized 

How Increasing Demand in Pharmaceutical Sector Driving the Growth of China Vacuum Pump Market Globally

China vacuum pump market is being driven by the growing demand for such devices from the pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and chemical industries. In 2018, the sale of such equipment generated $1.2 billion, and the market is projected to progress at a CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period (2019–2024) to value $1.9 billion by 2024. A vacuum pump is used to remove all the air and gas molecules from an area to create a partial vacuum. Request Sample Copy of Report : Such devices can handle fluids of high and low or…

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Smartwatch Market Business Market Updates Uncategorized 

Smartwatch Market: New Developments Helps to Grow Market Opportunities & Forecast until 2023

The advanced integration and cross-compatibility of personal assistance and health features, rising awareness on health and fitness, and improving smartwatch automotive control capabilities are some of the factors behind the global smartwatch market growth. Request Sample Copy of Report :: In 2017, the market attained a size of $10,223.9 million, and it is predicted to generate a $43,800.0 million revenue by 2023, progressing at a CAGR of 22.7% during the forecast period (2018–2023). Smartwatches offer a variety of features, such as time telling, calculator, camera, text messages, GPS navigation, SD card, touchscreen, and…

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Business General News Market Updates 

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Market 2019 Competitive Approach, Fundamental Trends and Investment up to 2023

The mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) market generated $61.7 billion and is projected to witness a 9.7% CAGR during 2018–2023. This is due to the rapid growth of triple play services in developing countries, segment-targeted pricing strategies and innovative distribution, and increasing penetration of mobile devices and demand for low cost mobile services. Mobile service providers who do not own licensed spectrum and cellular network infrastructure but buy wireless network infrastructure services at wholesale prices from mobile network operators for reselling it to customers at a reduced price are called…

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Cell Isolation Market Business 

Cell Isolation Market Leaders, Share, Segmentation and Forecast Report 2023

The global cell isolation market is expected to attain a CAGR of 18.8% during the forecast period. The demand for cell isolation products and services is increasing due to the rise in requirement for biopharmaceuticals, growing research activities in personalized medicine, and increasing government funding for research. Cell isolation is the separation of one or multiple types of cells from a heterogenous cell population. Request for sample copy of this report at: Biopharmaceuticals include monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and biosimilars, the manufacturing of which starts with cell separation and…

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Oligonucleotide Synthesis Market Business 

Oligonucleotide Synthesis Market Size, Leaders, Segment Analysis and Future Scope

The worldwide oligonucleotide synthesis market is growing due to favorable government policies, increasing prevalence of infectious diseases and cancer, advancements in synthesis technology, and ongoing research in synthetic biology. Valued at $1.5 billion in 2017, the domain is predicted to progress with a 10.8% CAGR during the forecast period. Inquiry before purchase this report at: Over the years, the number of private and public organizations involved in synthetic biology research has grown significantly. Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Wilson Center), in a 2013 article, reported that the number…

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Business General News Market Updates 

Solar Panel Recycling Market- What Are The Main Factors That Contributing Towards Industry Growth?

Rising adoption rate of solar power systems and favorable government norms encouraging sustainable development are the major factors driving the growth of the solar panel recycling market. In 2017, the market generated a revenue of $80.7 million, and it is predicted to attain a size of $269.8 million by 2023, progressing at a CAGR of 22.0% during the forecast period (2018–2023). Solar panels convert solar energy into electricity for various commercial and residential applications; these are made from aluminum, glass, synthetic materials, and silicon. Get free sample copy of market…

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Growth of the Mass Spectrometry Business 

Mass Spectrometry Market is Predicted to Register a CAGR of 8.1% in the Coming Years

Mass spectrometry technique is utilized to quantify and identify molecules in complex and simple mixtures. The identification and ascertainment are done by separating the ions based on their mass to charge ratio which is measured by making use of a mass spectrum. As per a study conducted by the P&S Intelligence, the global mass spectrometry market reached a value of $4,948.3 million in 2015 and is predicted to register a CAGR of 8.1% in the coming years. Various applications of mass spectrometry include proteomics, clinical testing, environmental research, and drug…

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Business General News Market Updates 

India diesel genset market Insights, Potential Business Strategies, Mergers and Acquisitions, Revenue Analysis- P&S Intelligence

The India diesel Genset market is expected to generate a revenue of $1,518.1 million by 2024, progressing at a CAGR of 6.5% during the forecast period (2019–2024), according to P&S Intelligence. The major factors driving the growth of the market are increasing demand for these gensets in construction, manufacturing, and commercial projects. In addition, the expansion of the construction sector is likely to push the demand for these gensets to meet the prime and compounded auxiliary power requirements, resulting in the market growth. Request for free sample copy of the report at:…

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Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Market Business General News Market Updates Uncategorized 

Discover the Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring Market Gain Impetus due to the Growing Demand by 2024

Witnessing a CAGR of 11.8% during the forecast period (2019–2024), the global geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring market is predicted to generate a revenue of $6.1 billion by 2024. The major contributors of the market growth are the consistent growth in the construction sector and the rising number of government regulations for infrastructural development. Another factor supporting the market growth is the rising demand for geotechnical instrumentation in the oil & gas sector. Get Report Sample Copy : To counter the effects of economic slowdown, China is investing heavily in its infrastructure sector. With…

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Business General News Market Updates 

Emotion Analytics Market Insights, Share, Development and Forecast by 2024

In 2018, the global emotion analytics market attained a value of $164.7 million and is projected to reach $1,419.2 million in 2024, advancing at a 46.8% CAGR during the forecast period (2019–2024). The market is growing due to the rising adoption of business intelligence (BI) and data analytics, increasing demand for emotion analytics in the retail sector, and surging demand from automotive sector. The emotion analytics software reviews the tone of a person and non-verbal cues, such as gesture, facial expressions, and body language for providing insight into the human…

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UV Curing System Market Business General News Market Updates Uncategorized 

Massive Outlay of UV Curing System Market Will Make Great Impact By Major Key Players

From valuing $1.4 billion in 2018, the global ultraviolet curing system market is projected to grow to $2.4 billion by 2024, registering an 8.8% CAGR during the forecast period (2019–2024). On the basis of technology, the highest revenue share of more than 65.0% in the UV curing system market in 2018 was held by conventional UV. Owing to the various advantages, such as the ability to cure different substrates and produce a range of UV bandwidths for deep-level curing, conventional UV witnessed the highest demand. Get Sample Copy of Report…

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IOT Healthcare Market Business 

IOT Healthcare Market Leaders, Segments Analysis and Forecast Report 2023

The IoT healthcare market size is projected to reach $267.6 billion by 2023, compared to 2017 figures of $56.1 billion, advancing at a 30.2% CAGR during the forecast period. The IoT healthcare market is observing the trend of increasing number of product launches and partnerships. This is being done to keep up with the demand for the inclusion of IoT in healthcare by streamlining and accelerating the technology management processes and solutions as well as offer hospitals and ambulatory centers a range of services. The ultimate idea behind this is…

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Agricultural Biotechnology Market General News Market Report 

Agricultural Biotechnology Market Overview, Share, Growth Drivers and Future Scope

The rising demand for biofuel and transgenic crops, growing population, regulatory support in Brazil and the U.S., and increasing per capita income are driving the agricultural biotechnology market. It generated a revenue of $28.5 billion in 2016, and it is expected to advance at a CAGR of 10.1% during the forecast period (2017–2023). The utilization of molecular biology tools and techniques, such as molecular markers, plant tissue culture, genetic engineering, and recombination, for the development of genetically superior crops and plants is termed as agricultural biotechnology. Download sample copy of…

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Synthetic Biology Market General News Market Report 

How is Growing R&D Investments in Drug Discovery and Development Driving Synthetic Biology Market?

The need for advanced and innovative drug discovery and development has increased considerably as the prevalence of various diseases, such as neurological disorders, immunological disorders, infectious diseases, and cancer is rising. Due to this, several biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies are becoming more inclined toward the development of new and more effective biopharmaceutical drugs. This in turn, has been made possible because of the growing research and development investments in drug discovery and development. Since synthetic biology provides innovative solutions for drug discovery, its demand is surging as well. Using synthetic…

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Tissue Diagnostics Market Business 

Tissue Diagnostics Market Size, Share, Leaders, Segment Analysis and Forecast to 2030

The global tissue diagnostics market size is growing significantly due to increasing prevalence of cancer, and technological advancements in tissue diagnostics. Massive unexplored tissue diagnostics market in emerging economies and lack of efficient diagnostic procedures are creating ample opportunities for the global tissue diagnostics market to grow at a considerable rate in the coming years. The advanced research and development facilities and increasing investment by large pharmaceutical companies in small tissue diagnostics companies are propelling the demand for cost effective and efficient tissue diagnostics instruments. Download sample copy of this…

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Healthcare and Medical Simulation Market Business 

Healthcare Simulation Market Size, Leading Players, Regional Analysis and Forecast Report 2030

The healthcare/medical simulation market is growing significantly due to technological advancements and increasing demand for minimally invasive procedures. Massive unexplored healthcare/medical simulation market in emerging economies and lack of service providers are creating ample opportunities for the global healthcare/medical simulation market to grow at a considerable rate in the coming years. Download report sample at: Adoption of medical simulation technology in hospitals and academic institutes worldwide in order to reduce the medical errors and improve patient safety is a trend in healthcare/medical simulation market. Deaths occurring due to medical…

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Digital Pathology Market Business 

Digital Pathology Market by Product, Type, End User, Regional Analysis and Forecast Report 2030

The global digital pathology market is projected to showcase extensive growth during the forecast period, mainly due to increasing adoption of digital pathology products to improve the efficiency of laboratories across the globe, and rising government initiatives in collaboration with market players to raise awareness about the advanced digital pathology products and technologies. Request for sample copy of this [email protected] Based on product, the digital pathology market is bifurcated into software, scanner, communication systems, and storage systems. Of these, the market for software products is expected to observe notable…

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Cancer Gene Therapy Market Business 

Cancer Gene Therapy Market by Therapy, End User, Regional Analysis and Future Scope

The global cancer gene therapy market is expected to attain lucrative growth in the forecast period mainly due to rise in funding for R&D activities for cancer gene therapy, increasing prevalence of cancer, and rapid technological advancements being witnessed in the market. Gene therapy is used for the treatment of cancer, where a functional gene is inserted into the cells of a patient to correct a genetic abnormality and provide new function to the cells. Download report sample at: The cancer gene therapy market is segmented on the basis…

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Achondroplasia Therapeutics Business 

Achondroplasia Therapeutics – Analysis, Clinical Trials and Developments

According to the research findings, majority of the drug candidates for the treatment of achondroplasia are being developed to be administered by the subcutaneous route. Some of the key advantages of subcutaneous route are sustained release of drug, improved patient condition, lower risk of systemic infections, less painful administration, and less-expensive nature of the administered drugs. Download sample copy of this [email protected] The drug candidates developed by several companies for the treatment of achondroplasia have shown positive clinical results in the various phases of drug development. For instance, BioMarin…

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Electronic Health Record System Market Business 

Electronic Health Record Market Overview, Key Players, Segment Analysis and Forecast Report 2023

The global electronic health record (EHR) market attained $22.3 billion in 2017 and is predicted to advance at a 5.4% CAGR during the forecast period. The market is growing due to the benefits of EHR in epidemiology studies and tracking adverse drug events, increasing government initiatives, surging demand for centralization and streamlining of healthcare administration, rising need for advanced healthcare information systems, and increasing investments by IT players in healthcare. The systematized collection of a patient’s health records stored in a digital format is referred to as EHR. Download report…

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Chloromethanes-Market 1 Business General News Market Updates 

Chloromethanes Market Report Highlights The Competitive Scenario With Impact Of Drivers And Challenges

One of the most ingenious polymers in today’s world are silicones, which contain silicon as their primary constituent. They have a wide range of applications, including automotive, aerospace, cookware, coatings, dry cleaning, defoaming, fire safety, electronics, pharmaceuticals, lubricants, mold making, personal care, medicine, toys, and construction. As the demand for silicone grows across the world, so does the consumption of dimethyldichlorosilane, which is one of its main raw materials. Get the Sample Copy of this Report @ Dimethyldichlorosilane, in turn, is processed from chloromethanes, which are compounds containing a…

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