Lykke invites new users and entities to participate in its Affiliate Program as “Affiliates”!

Press Release

Lykke is a European fintech company that offers a blockchain-powered exchange for trading digitized assets with no trading fees and an integrated cryptocurrency wallet with a fiat gateway.

The program is designed for users (Affiliates) to spread the word about Lykke Exchange and get rewarded for each new subsequent user who becomes a Lykke client as a result of this promotion. Affiliates will promote Lykke Exchange by sharing their unique Affiliate Code. You can share the code on your online or offline resources such as blogs, websites, banners, advertisements, events, brochures, articles and so on. The more users sign up with your unique code – the higher your commission is.


How does it work?

In short, you, an Affiliate, get KYC-approved at Lykke, then sign our Affiliate Agreement and open an Affiliate Account. You will then receive your unique Affiliate Code, so you can share it with your own resources, and attract new users to Lykke. When they become approved clients at Lykke and first deposit their funds, you start receiving a commission for each of such Affiliated Users during their entire first year of trading at Lykke.

What commission will I receive?

You will receive 0.025% (2.5 bp) of the aggregated Trading Volume generated by your Affiliated Users. Each of your Affiliated Users generates a Commission for you during 1 year. One year does not start at the same moment for all of the users, instead, it is calculated starting from the user’s first deposit of at least US $ 100, or the equivalent amount in other fiat currency, to his/her/its Lykke Wallet. You will receive your commission in your Affiliate Account in US dollars.

How should I promote Lykke Exchange?

Each Affiliate will receive a media kit with Lykke media materials such as a short description, the logo and the necessary links. You will be able to choose how to use those materials within the restrictions that the law and the Affiliate Agreement impose. For example, sending spam emails or violating privacy regulations in order to share your Affiliate Code are, obviously, prohibited.

Why should my followers sign up for Lykke?

First, because they will also get rewarded for joining Lykke with €10 (ten Euros) worth of LyCI (or in CHF depending on country restrictions) after depositing at least €100 (one Euros) to their Lykke Wallet.


Second, and most importantly, because Lykke Exchange offers everything a trader might need:

A fiat gateway in EUR, GBP, CHF, (USD only for withdrawals) by bank or credit card; No trading fees both for human and API trading; Unique financial services and crypto indexes which you can also purchase in form of a utility token; Swiss security, KYC and AML standards – our users’ funds are safe; Low spreads in the most liquid trading pairs; Lots of options for forex (21 national currencies);

What should I do to join the program?

Send a short email at [email protected] with the title “Join the Affiliate Program”. Our managers will treat each request personally depending on your preferences and eligibility to participate in the program.

Media Contact:

Address: Lykke Corp, Alpenstrasse 9, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Company name: Lykke Corp
Phone number: +41 43 508 63 79
Email:[email protected]
Media contact: Marina De Mattos

This post was originally published on Food and Beverage Herald

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