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Space Themed Holiday Set to Happen

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It is the holiday season once again. But is there a holiday for space lovers. The answer is yes. The Galaxy Lights is a festive holiday set aside to commemorate the bounds that space exploration has achieved. The night comes to life when Space Center Houston gets riddled with lights to represent the stars in the universe.

This night holds meaning when the Space Center Houston gets a makeover with space-themed installations and art pieces. It has been termed as the most interactive, technologically advanced luminant display in Texas.

With the holiday coming soon on the 16th of November, locals and fans alike can’t wait to lay their lights on a spectacular display. These display the use of LED lights and 3D projections with a few holograms sitting the scene. 

According to President and CEO of the science and space exploration Centre William Harris, the event generates a massive sense of excitement among the locals. He also says that the Centre is ready to host the night of lights on the 16th

On my way of the most glaring displays is the adorning a set of 5000 lights around the exterior of the Saturn V rocket. This is a Bonke notation by Reliant. 

Among other light displays, the night will see to a display of 750, 000 lights spread across 93000square meters. While this itself will be a spectacle, it will feature an LED light tunnel with 250000 synchronized lights and music in the interior. There will also be far amazing exterior placed lights, an 11meter shooting star replica, and shining globe lights representing the solar system. On schedule, will also be a viewing of NASA’S latest and greatest Space Launch System booster rocket. 

The Centre also organized a suspended indoor light show that synchronizes with the playing music. While indoors, suspended from the ceiling of Space Center Houston’s main plaza, is a technology-driven, kinetic light show of colorful LED orbs, which shift patterns to the tune of holiday music. There is also a feature of well-lit photo booths, and snacks stand available. IN another section, there will be a preview of a 15-minute video displaying footage from space and discussions on space matters.

The center charges entry fees of $19.95 to all who enter except for children aged 3years and below, yet discounts are offered to participants of the Reliant Wednesday drive by the Salvation Army. A new celebration center will be joining the festivities this year. The Kennedy Space Centre recently announced that it would be hosting its specially-themed Holidays in Space with a planned 10,000 light-show. 

This post was originally published on Food and Beverage Herald

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