Satellite observes Huge New Zealand Volcano Eruption from the Space

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The image that was captured of the volcano that erupted on Sunday 8 December 2019, in New Zealand was very destructive and lethal.

This image was from Maxar Technologies, which shows a volcanic column on the White Island in Pacific Ocean and appeared to be very fresh from debris nearby the Caldera from the rocks and ash were thrown by the outburst. An image taken by the same Maxar from the space on 12 May 2019 shows this area with very cool and green vegetables on island edges.

This imagery gives the first high-resolution satellite captured documents after a volcano eruption, Maxar gave the statement. Although the company did not disclose which satellite captured the image, it assured it will continue to observe a series of activities around the volcano and will issue the data as the come. 

This active volcano occurred suddenly on Monday at 2:11 pm New Zealand time. The New Zealand officials said 47 people were visiting the site, among them were tourists who had visited the island and its citizens; New Zealand Herald reported this. 

According to NBC News, the volcano is still very dangerous which has blocked Emergency personnel to visit the volcanic eruption site. Six people were confirmed dead and 31 others are injured with serious burns. In addition to the list, there are more than eight people who their fate is not known but they are considered dead since none of their relatives and friends have heard from them from the date the explosion occurred.

A report from New Zealand police after the eruption indicates that there are no survivors from the volcano outburst and the flyovers did not show any indication that there is life on the island.

According to Washington post, geological experts from GeoNet had warned about series of hazardous volcanic activities in that area, some weeks before the explosion occurred but still visitors we going to the area.

In a statement issued on December 3rd, 2019 by GeoNet, this is exactly one week before the explosion it said, there is adequate continuous unrest at Whakaari/The white island, with a considerable gas release, steam and mud have been seen at the vent on the back of the Crater lake; observation from GeoNet data indicated that their eruption is likely to occur in the coming few days.

“Moderate volcanic unrest continues at Whakaari/White Island, with substantial gas, steam and mud bursts observed at the vent located at the back of the crater -lake,” GeoNet said on Dec. 3, about one week before the eruption. “Observations and data date suggest that the volcano may be entering a period where the eruptive activity is more likely than normal.”

Professor Shane Cronin of the University Auckland wrote on space.com stating that the explosion was sudden due to shallow magma, which is on the surface.

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