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Journey to Mars to start on a space station

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NASA has plans of paying a visit to planet Mars possible without disturbing the orbiting labs of other priorities. Michelle Rucker, an engineer at NASA’s exploration mission Planning Office, states the objectives that take the mission is all about, i.e., the exact location on Mars to be visited, the main key activities to be carried out by the team and how the mission will be done.

The team that will visit Mars already have other platforms where some operations to be used on a human mission to Mars. This will enable them to go on with what they had already started analog, therefore, making the helpful easy. 

Spaceflight professionals have labeled the missions as ‘analog missions’ since the crew members will get isolated on earth, probably in a foreign location. Such Mars mission, that is, fails to meet specific spaceflight characteristics, and this is the reason why NASA has decided to perform some research on better ways that can be implemented before the actual mission commences, i.e., using the International Space Station as a mission for missions to Mars.

Since each analogue mission has its own merits and demerits, it is wise to know what is useful and what is not, across all variety of problems that the human beings on the spacecraft will experience. All expertise such as scientists, engineers, and astronauts have been urged to make of use all available time come up with better ways that will be used primarily during the mission. They have to put aside the orbiting rule vital to evaluate every idea placed on the table analog find possibilities of putting them into practice. 

Some of the ideas were not feasible, i.e., the results of the team concluded that there is no possible way to make adjustments on the space station modules on Mars. They are possible only on earth. Another limitation was that space station is a more changing environment as compared to a spacecraft heading to Mars hence failing the working of the orbiting laboratory tool.  The Mars-bound astronauts will also experience some social problems.

Robinson states that the ISS is is Mars transit vehicle. The idea of redesigning the aspects of the space station back to labeled will bring some disturbance to everything present in that particular space station. The team has plans to increase the number of astronauts. They remain for more than six months while in the space. The reason behind this is that a round trip to Mars is likely to last for three years.

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