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  Has Brazil found the culprit of its catastrophic oil spill?

Press Release

A Greece flagged ship is believed to be the source of the mysterious oil spill that swept more than two hundred beaches of Brazil two months ago and it is under investigation. The federal police of Brazil believe that between July 28 and 29 was when the incident took place four hundred and twenty miles off the Brazil’s northeast coast. The Brazilian police identified Greek ship and it was believed to be the only one, which may have passed through that area. This was done with the help of oceanographic as well as geolocation data.

The oil spill is believed to occur when the Greek flagged ship docked in Venezuela on 15th July, stayed there for three days and later sailing to Singapore across Atlantic Ocean and stopping in northeast Africa only.  The Brazilian navy reported that the ship was loaded with the oil at San Jose terminal in Venezuela.

The authorities of Brazil believes that the mysterious oil spill is not from them. The Brazilian mines and energy came out and strongly placed their support to this. The Brazilian government has received many critics and condemnation over the poor handling of oil spill along the beaches by the environmental organizations, prosecutors and politicians.

Due to the slow reaction of the government to clean up the mess, the Brazilian government is currently preparing to hold a blockbuster, US$50billion oil action in early November. This mysterious spill of oil has affected more than two hundred beaches along the Brazilian northeastern coast. The one is a great way to get attention since an immediate action needs to happen.

Currently, the samples taken from the crude oil spilled at the beaches are undergoing analysis in the US, France and Norway in order to know the origin. Theories abound that the oil spill came from Venezuela while others suggest that an accident occurred at the scene with a ship while the tracker had been switched off or from ship to ship transport or maybe a leak from a wrecked ship. However, the laboratory results will tell where the oil spill originated and the owner held responsible for the mess.

The Brazilian state energy Roberto Castello Branco stated that the week’s oil spill affects the environment and mostly the aquatic life and therefore a quick action needs to be put into consideration. It is also the worst environmental attack to ever been recorded in the history of that country.

This post was originally published on Food and Beverage Herald

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