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Growth of Inmarsat Communication Company

Press Release

Global Xpress (GX) is the most effective product release in Inmarsat’s history, while GX5 is the Global Express’ most powerful satellite. GX has become the gold standard for open, globally accessible mobile broadband networks for several industry sectors, in less than four years, with thousands of active customers in all the areas of aerospace, maritime, and state. GX5 is a significant step forward in Inmarsat’s global broadband service capabilities, that targets countries in Europe and the Middle East

Inmarsat is the only telecom company to offer its consumers unmatched scope and flexibility with a fully owned and managed international satellite communication range that comprises of L-band, Ka-band, as well as the S-band in Europe.

Inmarsat will also extend its global leadership in real though the use of the G X5 and the upcoming seven other GX satellites planned for release. Through this network, the company has plans to push out broadband services, backed by its ecosystem of leading excellent tech, manufacturing, and channel affiliates

The GX5 reflects Inmarsat’s commitment to providing the best for its customers and partners with ongoing development, network expansion, efficiency, reliability, and quality. This new innovative satellite that delivers more capability than the current GX satellites already in combination. It is 25% smaller and produced in the shortest time possible, just two and a half years from start to finish

According to Inmarsat Chief Technology Officer Peter Hadinger, The GX5 is one of eight satellites scheduled to be launched in four years to come. This will be to help in the growth of the Global Express network

Among several multi-billion multinational mobile communications service companies, Inmarsat has emerged as the global leader. It currently operates the planet’s most diversified worldwide mobile satellite network portfolio and has a broad, comprehensive spectrum portfolio, covering L-band, Ka-band, and S-band, which provides unparalleled width and diversity in its solutions. The long-standing global distribution network of Inmarsat comprises not only the world’s largest distributor affiliates but also it is own robust direct marketing services to guarantee customer service to the limit.

With financial resources, Inmarsat can finance its strategies through a broad sector portfolio with connections in top leadership positions in the maritime, business, aviation and enterprise industries, working continuously to serve its clients throughout the world as a reliable, responsive and high-quality partner

The organization boasts of an unequaled history of 40 years in operating the world’s most secure international digital satellite telecommunications networks, technical security, and strategic critical applications to companies, It often also provides a significant boost to technological innovation in wireless satellite communications systems, retaining its dominance via a considerable investment and a reliable network of industrial and development collaborations

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