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Cygnus Caro Spacecraft Propels to the International Space Station

Press Release

Northrop Grumman, the NASA agency cargo provider propelled its upcoming resupply mission on November 2 at 9.59 a.m. NASA agency pre-launch coverage went on air live on the NASA TV as well as the agency’s website starting on November 1. Having around 8200 pounds of research, the crew supplies, as well as hardware, the commercial resupply mission, will be launched on Cygnus cargo spacecraft from the Virginia Space’s mid-Atlantic Regional Space at the Wallops Flight facility. Cygnus Spacecraft, that has been dubbed SS Alan Bean, has been named after Apollo as well as Skylab space explorer who died in 2018, 26th May and he was aged 86 years. This Cygnus is set to launch 50 years to the moon after Dick Gordon, Bean and Peter Conrad flew to the moon on Apollo 12 mission.

During this, Bean was fourth human to be able to walk on a lunar surface. He was a lunar module pilot aboard the Intrepid with the mission commander by the name Conrad when they got to land on Moon on November 19 in 1969.  With the 2nd November launch, Cygnus spacecraft is going to land at space station on November 4th at 4.10 am., the expedition 61 astronauts by the name Jessica Meir is going to grapple spacecraft using station’s robotic arm. She is going to be backed up by NASA’s space explorer Christina Koch. After the Cygnus capture, the ground controllers are going to command station’s arm to rotate as well as setup Cygnus on bottom of station’s Unity module.

This was the complete NASA television coverage of the activities:

Friday, November 1

11.30 a.m. – What is on the Board Science briefing

Peter Hasbrook, the manager of the (International Space Station)ISS Program Science Office at the agency’s Johnson Space Center that is in Houston.

Liz Warren, the associate program scientist with United States National Lab.

Sam Ting, principal investigator at (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology that is in Cambridge as well as Ken Bollweg, the AMS project manager.

Kathleen Coderre, the Principal investigator for the AstroRad Vest at the Lockheed Martin Space, the Littleton, Oren Milstein, and Colorado.

Alessandro Grattoni, the chairman of Department of the Nanomedicine at Houston Methodist Research Institute as well as Maurizio Geggiani, the chief technology officer located at the Automobili Lamborghini.

Mary Murphy, who works as senior for Zero-G Oven at the Nanoracks LLC located in Washington.

2.30 p.m.

Kirk Shireman, who is a manager at International Space Station Program at the Johnson Pete Hasbrook

Jeff Reddish, who serves as manager of Wallops Range Antares project.

Frank DeMauro, the vice president and the general manager at Northrop Grumman Kurt Eberly on the Space Systems, who serves at Northrop Grumman as the Antares vice president.

Saturday, November 2

9.30 a.m. – Launch coverage starts for 1 9.59 a.m. liftoff.

Monday, November 4

2.45 a.m. – Coverage of the Cygnus capture with the robotic arm.

6.30 a.m. – Cygnus installation operations coverage.

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