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Boeing’s starliner spacecraft touches down after test of the safety system

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NASA chose Boeing as one of the American companies purposely to develop spacecraft for flying astronauts to the international space stations. On Monday morning, Boeing made successful tests on the safety of the system of its spacecraft. The succession brought the industry of the American aerospace one-step closer to launch the astronauts to the international space stations for the first time.

The company performed an unscrewed test on the launch of CST-100 Starliners. It is a spacecraft of about 16.5 foot that can carry up to seven people. The capsule blasted from its supportive platform at 7:15 am, local time and flew thousands of feet into air above White Sands missile range. It was flying back down to earth under two red, white and blue parachutes in less than two minutes. The craft landed safely but the main parachute failed to deploy.

A safety test known as a pad abort test was used to show whether the parts that carry the crew and the spacecraft would successfully take apart from a rocket that malfunctions in case there is an emergency. Boeing added in a statement that the current pad abort test was an achievement for their CST-100 Starliner team, for American human spaceflight, NASA.

An astronaut of NASA is part of the crew that is required to travel to the international space station on the starliner. He hopes that the system will not be needed, but in case any trouble arrives on the launch pad aboard of beautiful atlas V, the current test will be safe to take them and return in one piece.

Atlas V rocket is expected to launch the starliner crew mission on the International Space Station. Kathy Laudes, the program manager for Commercial Crew of NASA, possibly stated that such tests are very essential since they ensure the safety of the systems. She went on to add that the crew is, with the preliminary results and this introduces a new mission of checking into the data to determine whether everything went as planned. Since the two other parachutes failed to deploy, it is very early to start ascertaining the reasons behind the process.

According to NASA, uncrewed Starliner has a schedule of taking a flight test on December 17 on the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. Boeing is known to be part of starliners commercial crew of NASA. It is also a partnership between space, and private American companies that work is to build crewed spacecraft. NASA chose Boeing with the purpose of transporting crew to and from International Space Station.

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