Baker Hughes Commits to Use Renewable Energy by 2050

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Bakers Hughes is determined to have a zero-net carbon release to the atmosphere by the year 2050. This decrease in carbon content will be attained by the company plan to buy all its electricity used in Texas from a renewable company. The companies come to an agreement that will reduce 12% of its global carbon release, which is equal to 1.2 million tons of carbon (IV) oxide. This reduction to carbon (IV) by Baker Hughes equates to a reduction of 27,000 vehicles from the road worldwide.

Bakers Hughes is a committed company to reduce its carbon (iv) oxide released in the atmosphere by 50% by the year 2030. This is in the company’s plan to achieve Net-zero carbon release by the year 2050. In addition, the company has opened an opportunity to associate with his customers to develop technologies that will reduce carbon emission to the atmosphere. In a span of 6 years, from 2012 to 2018, Bakers Hughes has reduced its carbon release by 34%, this shows that the renewable energy contract is a major boost to net-zero emission of carbon (iv) oxide.

White Mesa wind project, which Apex Clean Energy established me, and a solar project owned and established by 7X energy known as Talitha Solar Project has been captured in the agreement as a major source of renewable energy.  This Design of collaborating Solar Energy and Wind Energy develops an energy manufacture profile that brings together the company electricity use structure around the world and is highly important compared to the idea of buying energy from one renewable source.

Baker Hughes has more than 170 companies in the United States and Texas has the highest consumer of energy, Kevin Wetherington who is the Chief Health, Safety, Environment, and quality officer at Bakers Hughes, said this. He added that they have numerous projects, which are coming soon to ensure that net-zero emissions are achieved in the near future.  He applauds Texas firm for the great step it has taken in enhancing net-zero emission of carbon (IV) oxide.

Kevin said that Baker Hughes has put more effort into achieving net-zero missions throughout the world. Some of the Baker Hughes company that use renewable source of energy  24 companies in the united kingdom which use wind as the only source of power since 2014, in Germany;  campus Celle Baker Hughes uses renewable hydroelectric energy and on-site solar energy has been used in Billerica, US, Massachusetts and in Italy.

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