2020 foretold as the year of Electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles are now the trending topic in the vehicle industry. A report released by McKinsey and Company states that electric vehicles were just 2.2 percent of the international auto market in the year 2019.

The growth in electric vehicles may reach another new level by the year 2020. Once they start to progress, nothing will stop them from achieving their dreams. Tesla is not the only one expected to have another in favor of year with Model Y deliveries, but also others like General Motors, Kia, Hyundai, Audi, and Porsche, among others, traveled, are yearning to get the same luck by manufacturing more ranges of Electric vehicles.

As seen in the past, there are some differences since the offerings are not seeping slowly into the market. There will be brandy, long range and, vehicles available for merchants from next year.

No more range anxiety

The first and foremost obstacle faced by Electric vehicles is nervousness; that the drivers would be abandoned miles away from refilling stations. Drivers who travelled across the country or those that went for long trips were not placed in the favor of electric cars at one particular time, especially when the first cars had ranges which were les than100 miles.

The anxiety of range is not entirely gone, but as we speak of The current majority day, it should not be hard for a person to drive an electric vehicle on a long distance. Majority of the electric cars have a range of over 250 miles just on a single charge. The connection of charging services across the United States is simple since a driver can access them from any location.

There are 20,000 locations for charging purposes and 57,000 plugs of charging across the United States. Still, these figures seem to be less than the 150,000 gas stations across the country. Remember, charging of electric vehicles can also be at home. This information is based on research from the German website.

When the little plans get successful, any driver is capable of driving the electric vehicle, and this will open the market to customers who doubt more.

Abundant options

Tesla was the one famous entity that looked at the functionality of electric vehicles from the real world in a severe way. It has an advantage since it had an abundant range as compared to its competitors, better styles and a charging network.

The slate of vehicles in 2019 is on a serious note. The charging network for those that do not belong to Tesla is debatably at its best as compare to Tesla’s network. The long-distance for non-Tesla has plenty of plugs all over the country, making charging simple and easy. 

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