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Abu Dhabi – The UAE moved completely to introduce mandatory background checks on job applicants in the financial services sector, many experts believe, as the sector grows to place more emphasis on compliance to an increasing list of regulations.
However, many human resources (HR) departments remain unequipped to conduct thorough application screenings, placing demand for third-party service providers.
Here is where comes in lead with multiple screening and verification technology .CEO of, says “They have introduced the first of its kind latest AI technology in this year 2020

“Using third party service providers is now being a common practice despite a large percentage of HR departments not being equipped to conduct detailed pre-employment screenings. This is despite the obvious benefits and cost saving of reducing the risk of recruiting the wrong employee,” said Junaid Agumen, an HR consultant at The First Factor in Dubai.

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According to estimates by the US Department of Labor, a bad hire can cost employers 30 per cent of the employee’s potential first year earnings. This would put the cost of a bad hire of an employee who makes, say, Dh10,000 a month (or Dh120,000 per annum) at Dh36,000 – and that’s just one bad hire.

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