Now Brow Shaping is like a Non Surgery Eye Lift

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It changes the appearance of the person’s face in a temporary way.

The eyebrows are very expressive. Even a slight change can affect the appearance of the entire face. Artists who draw and paint portraits know this and pay particular attention to how they shape the eyebrows.

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The experts at Skin Sense Wellness are versed in how to reshape brows to maximize the effect and enhance the person. Skin Sense owner Marion Simms recommends these few easy tips to getting the maximum results from the best eyebrow waxing clinic near you.


1) Plan the shape before starting. “Once you start removing the eyebrow, it’s too late to make substantial changes. You are at least partly committed,” Ms. Simms said. “Select a shape you like but be advised by your professional.”


2) Use the natural shape. Ms. Simms said shaped eyebrows should always appear natural. They should suit the shape of the face and follow the naturally occurring hairline on top of the normal brow.

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3) Check frequently. Ms. Simms said stopping to verify progress is a good idea when doing it yourself. The experts at Skin Sense can see what they are doing as they do it, and can see both eyes simultaneously which is impossible to do at home. Another reason to seek professional help.


“This is the major difference between doing it at home and having it done by professionals. We are experienced and know just how far to go to give our clients the best possible brow line for their face,” Ms. Simms said.


4) Wait for touchups. Eyebrows grow back, but not immediately. Wait until new growth becomes noticeable and only tweeze hairs that grow away from the main brow line. When your full eyebrow returns, then it is time to go back to Skin Sense for a repeat visit generally every three to four weeks.


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