Quandra Banks is going to release her new single “I’ll endure the Pain”

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Quandra has become one of the famous singers in just a few times and with two or songs. Her story is interesting. She went viral on social media in the year 2018, while singing in a salon chair so smoothly before getting her hair done.  The hairstylist was so moved that she could not even start on Quandra’s hair, and Quandra has moved the world in the same way. That video has almost 40 million views. She has amassed a strong social following of millions on Instagram and other social media platforms. Now, she is going to release her new single “I’ll endure the Pain” that is now available on all the digital outlets. She is not only a good singer but also a writer.

Quadra Banks

Talking about the new record, she said, “Her inspiration for this song is knowing that every pain brings another level to success only if you’re willing to endure it”

  • About Quandra Bank: Quandra Banks, was born in the 90s, and is a native of Jefferson when she’s not spending time with her family; she is on the grind, whether it is singing at events, recording in the studio, or hosting gospel shows.   In March 2019, Quandra has undergone a procedure that resulted in her going into cardiac arrest and her lungs collapsing. She spent 2 days on life support. With lots of prayers, Quandra gets success to recover with her bubbly personality and a more powerful voice.
  • To hear more of “Quandra Banks”, follow her on all social media platforms, and download “I’ll endure the Pain” Now!!!!

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