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People who use medical supplies regularly know that their supplies must match their medical need as well as their own situation.

That’s where a reliable medical supply company comes in. Frank Bravo with Wishing Well Medical in Santa Monica has years of experience in matching people to exactly what they need.

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“You go to the doctor and get a prescription for a medical device. The doctor only says you need to get the device. He doesn’t know about the differences in fit, price and comfort,” Mr. Bravo said. “Most likely you don’t know exactly wan you need either. That’s why you need to go to a company that has a reputation for trust and excellent customer service.”

For example he pointed to recliners that raise a person from a sitting position to standing. All these electric recliners are not the same.

“Beyond the obvious difference of color, you should look at the prices, the size and the controls. You also need to sit on the recliner before you buy it. Is it comfortable? Do you have pressure points?” he said. “The controls are pretty standard, up, down, recline, foot rest up and down, but are the buttons easy for you to use?”

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Because many people with mobility issues who need such a chair also have arthritis, a controller with large and easy-to-press buttons is important, he said.

“That’s just one example of many. Crutches, walkers, canes are common devices that most people give little thought to. But if you need one, you quickly learn about real differences between the various styles,” he said.

With big items, like the chair, delivery and setup are very important. Mr. Bravo said someone who needs an electric recliner will not be able to get it into the house and set it up. Wishing Well offers delivery, set up and service.

“When you buy medical equipment, you need to know that it works when you get it home. You need to know that it fit in your home. Our delivery service makes sure of this and we make sure you know how to operate everything before we’re done,” he said.

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