City’s Choice Comfort Air on Why Furnace Filters are Important

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City’s Choice Comfort Air ( is one of the GTAs leading HVAC companies, with decades of combined experience in the industry.

In today’s interview, they agreed to share their top furnace filter tips with us.

“Furnaces are easily the most important appliance in a home,” says a spokesperson for City’s Choice.

City’s Choice says furnaces provide multiple functions such as heating and cooling, and airflow throughout a household.

That means the quality of your health is often dependent on the quality of your furnace.

In order to ensure your furnace is operating at peak performance, you should make sure your furnace filters are either cleaned or replaced on a regular basis.

If your filters are neglected, it could cause issues with the entire system such as premature breakdowns and irregular functions.

If you have a clean filter on the rack of your furnace, then you’re ready to go.

Filters trap dirt, pollen, pet dander and more when the airflow cycles back through the furnace.

When your furnace gets dirty, you’re able to see all the things you could potentially be breathing in.

If you have allergies or difficulties breathing, then this is especially important to you.

Citys Choice

Be sure to change or wash your filter as often as necessary.

Frequency often depends on what style of filter you have, but as a general rule you should change them when they become noticeably dirty and the system begins working harder than it should.

Clean filters maximize the functionality of the furnace and help them achieve peak performance.

Furnace Filter

That means if your furnace isn’t cleaned, it can cost you on bills too.

For more information about furnaces and preparing your furnace for the winter season, visit City’s Choice Comfort Air on their website:

Contact Information: [email protected]

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