Mycall Obas’ video BLOCK STARS Reaches 150,000 Views on YouTube

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Mycall Obas, known as O.B.A.$. premiered his music video titled BLOCK STARS  on his YouTube channel in October 2019, which has since reached hundreds of thousands of streams worldwide.

The video on his YouTube channel has reached over 150,000 views, with his channel approaching a million views.

Mycall Obas

Obas has music on Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, Google Play, Tidal, iTunes and more.

As a rapidly growing artist, Obas has a message he wants to share with the world.

Obas says he wants to leave a legacy of hard work and entrepreneurship.

He wants to help people who wish to follow in his footsteps and he wants to encourage young artists to follow their dreams.

“This business takes a lot of work,” says Obas.

“You have to be relentless.”

Obas says the thing that helped him most in the music business is having focus every day.

Even when he didn’t see results coming in, he knew his presence as an artist was growing behind the scenes.

“It’s one block at a time, one fan at a time,” says Obas.

“It will take time. It will be repetitive.”

O.B.A.$. stands for: only believers achieve success, and that’s the primary lesson Obas wants to teach people.

“As long as you do right by the universe, the universe will be right by you,” says Obas.

Obas says it’s not about the views and the numbers – it’s about the message and the legacy.

To learn more about Mycall Obas, you can visit his website at:

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