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Diagnosing eye issues with a dry eyes doctor

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Dry eyes are a common problem people have, but the reasons behind the condition are many, said dry eyes Doctor Paul Super .

The main cause of dry eyes is a lack of tears that moisturize the eye. That sounds both obvious and counter-intuitive at the same time.

dry eyes doctor los angeles

“It’s not that you are constantly crying and that prevents dry eyes nor is that it you are not crying and that causes dry eyes,” Dr. Super said. “Your tear ducts are constantly releasing tears, just a tiny bit at the time with each blink. That keeps your eye hydrated.”

Proper tears, released in the right amounts, are water, fatty oils and mucus.

If these things get out of balance, dry eyes can result. That’s just one cause of dry eyes. Another is when the tear ducts slow down tear production. Why this happens is where the differences occur.

“Age is one reason. As people get older, tear production can slow down. Certain drugs can cause your tear ducts to slow down. Various diseases can cause dry eyes,” Dr. Super said. “If your eyelids can’t close properly, there is another reason.”

As a dry eyes specialist in LA, Dr. Super often sees patients referred from other physicians. Since he concentrates on eye diseases and treatments, he’s learned the many reasons behind the condition.

The treatments also vary. In the case of medications, a slight change may be enough to correct the problem. If the dry eyes are a result of another disease, Dr. Super can consult with other physicians to come up with the best and most effective treatment for the problem.

“If you have dry eyes, make an appointment with a specialist. It could be a minor issue. It could be major. Let’s find out and get it corrected,” Dr. Super said.

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