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Good News for China as Moon Based Rover Finishes 10 days

It has been ten days since China’s Chang’e 4 mission commenced. The Lunar based rover is still operational accord g to its operators and has crossed its first 10 days on the dark side of the moon. The Chang’e 4 has successfully sent back photos of its whereabouts from the moon’s surface and carried out scientific tasks. The mission uses Chang’e 4 landers and a remotely controlled rover on the moon’s surface coupled with the Qualia communications satellite to relay back information to its surface base

The Chang’e 4 interestingly is a backup vehicle for the previously deployed Yutu rover that successfully landed on the Chang’e 3 mission. However, both Chang’e 3 and Yutu 2 receded into an inert state on October 5th in readiness for 10thlunar night. In the period of the fortnightly-long lunar night, temperatures drop drastically to negative 190 degrees Celsius, presenting a danger to the rover’s operational state each time

During the lunar day on 22nd and 23rd, the Yutu maneuvered 16.7 feet which were the shortest it ever covered in a day. The rather short distance may be a cursor that the rover is testing samples of unusual materials collected from the Centre of an impact crater on its eighth day of work. This rather unusual substance had a goodish gel-like material. The operation team has not released an official word though they speculate the gel-like substance is probably, impact melt glass from meteor strikes.

The previous Yutu 2’s predecessor lost its mobility on its second lunar day. The original Yutu short-circuited and due to maintenance issues on the moon, the Yutu 2’s reliability is in question given its rough terrain. The rover has moved quite a distance totaling to 289m while heading to the west in reference to Station Tianhe, the Chang’e 4’s landing site.

There hasn’t been any official release of the rover’s map covering where it has been while on its mission. However, it was put together by a cartographer at the Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration University in Ontario named Phillip Stooke

However, on October 6, there was confirmation from both space vehicles that were up and running. The moon shuttles’ historical landing in Von Kon Karman on 3rd January 2019, becoming the first robotic mechanical and entertainment and system to land is going through

Both rovers on some are reported to work just fine, with the response coming from the newer Chang’e 4

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